Saturday, September 04, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Bad Habitt & Stacye Branche

These two artists have exploded on Twitter and I wanted to expose them to the fans/followers of Divalicious. From the hard hip hop of Bad Habitt to the souful tunes of Stacye Branche, they both have great songs that they have put out that the world needs to listen to.

Singer/Songwriter Stacye Branche has a new CD out in stores and on ITUNES entitled The Evolution To Living In Truth. For more information and great music, you can check out all her links. Don't forget to check out her new single "I Was Thinkin' Maybe" @ ITUNES.

Personal Site
SB's Twitter
Based in Far Rockaway, NY, Bad Habitt seeks to bring out his hip hop to larger audience. Bad habit has said that "i do this for my block and far rock...we gonna be on top this year no doubt. im forbidden to fail... noone can get int the way of my dream".
You can check out some clips of Bad Habit's music @ ReverbNation

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