Saturday, September 04, 2010

Did She Just Really Copy Demi's Moore TWITPIC trend ! Oy Vey!

Women in their 40's and up can still get it poppin.  We all know this! Especially in Hollyhood with the help of Botox, personal trainers and all those starving diets. So when Demi Moore posted some of her Bikini twitpics, it created a stir on Twitter. But now Lisa Rinna is jumpin on that wagon. Its an EPIDEMIC!! First she shouts out D.M.
Doin the Demi! Power to the 47yr olds!!!!! She is my idol!
Then she posts her own pics on her Twitter:

Here is the Situation- I look better when I don’t do anything no work out no nothin! What’s up with that?!
 OUT OF CONTROL!! Thats all i can say!!lol

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