Saturday, September 04, 2010

Who Can Get It : Hot Male Celeb Edition **Sept 2010**

It has been along time since i  have done WCGI on Divalicious but since I have been seeing all this male eye candy this past week, I simply cant resist. For those of you are are now tuning in here are the DEETS on WCGI:
Ok! Everyone who knows me know that whenever I see a dude that is hot & delicious, I always say he can GET IT.  I usually pick five...but im a lil sleepy*lol.We all know what that means so here's some of the lucky picks for the month of September.

 I know squat about Star Wars
but I do know that Hayden Christensen sizzled as Anakin Skywalker. It’s hard not to love his golden locks and his adorable face! May the force (of hotness) be with you…He is also now starring in the TIP produced blockbuster hit TAKERS in theatres NOW!!

I always thought Chris was adorable…till the Rihanna incident that is. I know everyone makes mistakes but somehow he’s charmed us yet again. But  looks like he still has many fans considering he’s third on our poll and third on Billboard’s Sexiest Man in music poll (in no particular order of importance :p)


Are bad vampires hotter than mere mortal bad boys? I vote yes! Hell yes! When he’s not playing an onscreen vampire, he’s busy being a yummy daddy to his two adorable girls, Dominique and Everleigh. Awww…


I know you guys are going to think I’m blind but I really don’t see why Channing  is “soooo hot!”. Yes, he has a great body but who in Hollywood doesn’t? As for his face, I think it’s nice but haven’t we all seen better? He has lovely eyes but..meh…that’s about it…AND Oh yeah he's taken...Dammit Jenna...she's had him since the get go in Step Up!

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