Friday, August 27, 2010

Jay Z,Gaga and Dave Grohl In Q Magazine

Jay Z - The Power of Z

"Everyone trying to do something new is going to come up against a Noel Gallgher figure in their life."
How the world's greatest rapper became its best rock star too. With help from Noel Gallagher. Jay Z is raps’ top mogul and has topped this years Forbes hip hop rich list having earned $63 million this year. This month he talks about growing up in the projects, wearing a bullet-proof vest and rap rivalry with Nas. A lot of things have changed now, he can call Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow close friends and has produced tracks with Jack White (will we ever hear them?). Jay Z also talks about festival performances, of Glastonbury '08 being reminiscent of “a shanty town, not built on poverty and struggle. Built on music”.
This month Dave Grohl speaks to Q about what it is to be cool and his drug career “Even if I could have afforded heroine, I couldn't have afford the needles”. He also tells us when he can turn from the nicest guy in rock into a ‘fucking very difficult person’.
She’s at the top of the fame game, living breathing and loving. Its not an act, it's who she is “my ultimate goal? I want a Lady Gaga exhibit at the Louvre.”

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