Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman Reportedly on Life Support, In Coma

By PopEater Staff

Gary Coleman has been hospitalized in Utah and is in critical condition after injuring his head as the result of a fall. ABC News is reporting that Coleman "has slipped into a coma" and is currently on life support. Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage according to the ABC report, and remains unconscious from the injury.On Thursday, an attorney for Coleman said that the family did not want to release any information.

"Anything they could say would be premature because they don't know the full extent of his condition right now," Randy Kester, Coleman's lawyer, told The Associated Press.

Earlier in the day, Coleman's wife, Shannon Price, released a brief statement to KUTV asking for support, saying: ""Gary was taken to the hospital with a serious medical problem yesterday, we are asking for everyone's prayers at this time. We hope those prayers are answered and that Gary will be able to recover and return home soon."

Coleman's health has been an issue of late, as the 42-year-old actor has suffered two seizures this year. The first occurred on January 6, while the second took place in late February while he was on the set of 'The Insider.' During the 911 call from the latter incident, an 'Insider' staffer who called it in told the operator: "We have someone having a seizure right now on our stage ... we just need someone as soon as possible
Health woes aside, Coleman has also found himself in legal trouble in recent years. In January, Coleman was arrested at his Utah home after failing to appear in court for a domestic violence warrant. The domestic violence charges were eventually dropped, and he pled guilty to misdemeanor criminal mischief charge. He was ordered to take a domestic violence class and pay a $595 fine.

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