Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Kanye West Ready for Coachella? Is He Finished Ruining Big Events?

With Kanye West set to headline the final night of three-day sold-out music festival Coachella in April, the only question is whether the mercurial rapper/producer/Twitterer will spoil his own big moment.

The talented Kanye is sure to give concertgoers a special treat -- though "special" could signify a mind-bogglingly impressive performance or mind-numbingly immature antics. With 'Ye, you never can tell.

West infamously played the "hit the stage three hours late, blame Pearl Jam" card at summer festival Bonnaroo in 2008, turning thousands of happy hippies into a bitter, trash-throwing mob chanting "Kanye sucks" at 4AM. That said, West has preached good intentions via Twitter lately and made a public show of turning his act around since the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and Taylorgate.
 Here, we peg the odds of how Kanye could botch his Coachella experience.

12 to 1: Verbally scuffles with The Strokes. Mortally wounds Julian Casablanca's pride.

20 to 1: Grabs mic from Simon Le Bon during Duran Duran set, claims Toni Basil should have won 1984 Grammy for Best Video Album.

22 to 1: Accuses Arcade Fire's Win Butler of hiding his shutter shades somewhere around the backstage catering tent. Refuses to take stage until Butler gives them back.

25 to 1: The lime-flavored beer served at concession stands personally affronts him. Eff that, he's outta there.

31 to 1: Stops playing when he spots a shaggy-haired kid texting in the crowd during his performance. Waits exactly as long as it takes texter to put away cell phone and stop being rude.

44 to 1: Crashes the stage during Kings of Leon performance, drunkenly announces he's Kate Hudson's real baby daddy.

419 to 1: During his set, he tells audience, "Barack Obama doesn't care about black people!"

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