Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tyra Banks tribute to the Queen: Alexander McQueen

There is no denying the genius of Alexander McQueen and the day he died was both a shock and a sad day for the fashion world. Paying tribute to the beloved designer is the Tyra Banks online editorial, which features the top model decked out from head to toe in the designer’s Godly creations.

Banks even agrees that McQueen was considered royalty in the fashion community and his passing in February was devastating. The Tyra Banks online editorial is a little odd but that’s what made Alexander McQueen a genius—his designs were nothing of the ordinary

“I feel like a queen whenever I wear his clothes (especially the stunning blue dress I wore for this shoot)! I hope that you like the royal tribute that André and I (and lil’ Gianni too!) put together for him! It’s old royal fashion meets new royal looks designed by fashion royalty. McQueen had a flare for the dramatic and a love for fantasy. I would like to think that he would have loved these photos.”-Tyra B.

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