Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot Ass Mess Edition # 1 !!! 2 YR old boy Smokes 40 cigarettes a day!

This kid's parents  must be on crack. How the hell is his parents letting him smoke! He's gonna end up with lung cancer at the age of 5. Check out this video. This baby is already addicted to nicotine and he's obese for his age. What is going on with Indonesia?

 SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A shocking video went viral Wednesday that might have you talking around the water cooler.

Imagine your neighbor’s two-year-old smoking a pack a day. A Sumatran toddler from Indonesia was caught on tape puffing on a cigarette as if he were an adult.

The tot smokes up to forty cigarettes a day. The video shows the toddler puffing on a cigarette, holding it, and twirling it in his chubby, little fingers as if he were stuck with an adult smoking habit.

According to news reports, his father gave him his first cigarette at just eighteen months old and now at two they say he throws a tantrum when they refuse to give him one.

When ABC 4 showed the video to viewers in Salt Lake City, their reactions were relatively the same.

“That's horrible, that is sick and wrong, he's basically got no chance in life for anything.”

“I don't think they even deserve to be parents.”

“I think that's irresponsible, their culture is different from ours… so smoking may be more accepted there.”

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