Thursday, February 24, 2011

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Cover *The Hollywood Reporter: The Oscar Issue*

The two sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and admitted reservations when initially asked to host. Yet it was Franco’s willingness that ultimately pushed Anne over to “yes.”

“Much like James, I initially had a knee-jerk reaction, which was “no.” I just focused on all the ways it could go wrong. But Bruce (Cohen) was a bit craftier than I had realized because while I was hosting SNL (in November), while I was loving the idea of hosting something and doing the song-and-dance thing, Bruce came back and said, “We have James Franco.” He’s so brave and so willing to make unconventional choices.

"All the ways I was worried about it going wrong, it wouldn’t go wrong in any of those ways. It could go wrong in entirely new ways. (Laughs.)”

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