Friday, January 14, 2011

Sneak peek: Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole Cortese on 'Ellen' on Monday

The newest cast member of The Jersey Shore Deena Nicole Cortese makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and reveals which housemate she has a crush on!

This episode airs on Monday (January 17).
Ellen: “You’re flirting with the guys. You’re single I assume.”
Deena: “Yeah, I’m very single.”
Ellen: “Yeah, because you don’t want to get into that show with a relationship going on. I don’t think anybody would want their girlfriend on that show.”
Deena: “Yeah, and plus I’m always single.”
Ellen: “You’re always single but do you have a crush on one of those guys?”
Deena: “At the time, whenever I was drunk for some reason I always thought Mike was good looking.”
Ellen: “When you’re not drunk, you don’t think he’s good looking?”
Deena: “No, when I’m not drunk, I’m like a normal person in front of him. When I’m drunk, I look embarrassing. I’m like, ‘Oh, hi Mike.’ I’m like, ‘Oh no. Here we go.’”
Ellen: “You can rectify that if you don’t drink. You wouldn’t be like that.”
Deena: “I know.”
Ellen: “But he’s got a situation going on there.”
Deena: “You know what it was. His personality was so easy to talk to when I first went in. Everybody else, maybe I was a little intimidated by but him I wasn’t. I don’t know why I wasn’t intimidated by Mike but I wasn’t so he was the easiest person that I could talk to. I don’t know. I always thought Pauly was good looking. Maybe I was a little more intimidated to talk to him first rather than [Mike].”
Ellen: “So it sounds like you’re interested in Pauly.”
Deena: “Yeah, well I always though Pauly was good looking.”
Ellen: “Well, it seems like. Pauly, she’s interested.”

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