Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leighton Meester from 'The Roommate' is Just a Phone Call Away

Sony Pictures has recently launched its movie campaign for ‘The Roommate’ by inviting fans to call Leighton Meester.

The ad provides a phone number which takes you to a recording of her.

Sony Pictures has launched an old school media campaign for the upcoming film The Roommate, featuring a fairly archaic vehicle for interactivity: A phone number.
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The studio is posting an ad in various cities stating “Roommate Wanted. Must be willing to share…everything. Killer personality a plus” along with an invitation to call Rebecca at (866) 666-6001. The call leads to a recording featuring star Leighton Meester as Rebecca stating that she’s looking for the perfect roommate and “We can share everything…” and concludes with Meester yelling “I just want to be your friend” after whipping herself up into a frenzy.

Sony’s campaign for The Roommate, a thriller premiering February 4, also contains the usual social media hooks, like pages on Facebook (Facebook), YouTube (YouTube) and MySpace (MySpace), as well as a Twitter (Twitter) feed.

We all know her as the Gossip Girl starlet, but be warned that you won’t be hearing the same spoiled, Upper Eastside voice.

Instead you’ll hear her shrill scream as she plays the role of a creepy stalker in her new, scary movie ‘The Roommate.’ There’s bound to be a busy signal trying to call this hottie.

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