Friday, September 17, 2010

'The Roommate' Trailer

The plot centers on a college freshman named Sara (Minka Kelly), who finds out she is roommates with a seemingly nice girl named Rebecca (Leighton). Things seems to be going great as the girls befriend party girl Tracy (Aly Michalka), and Sara starts dating Stephen (Cam Gigandet), but they start going downhill fast after Sara realizes she is Rebecca's only friend. Toss in a creepy scene where Rebecca's mom asks Sara if Rebecca's been taking her medication and you've got perfect fodder for a horror film.

Leighton totally rocks the psychotic roommate angle in the trailer, and while the plot seems somewhat formulaic if only because horror films, generally speaking, are fairly formulaic, it still looks like it has plenty of terrors to keep us up at night. Add that to the fact that it features Cam Gigandet (swoon!) and we're in. Other exciting actors involved in the project include "Vampire Diaries"' Katerina Graham, "90210's" Matt Lanter, and "Titanic's" Billy Zane. Between Leighton, Katerina, Matt and Aly, though, it's kind of like one big CW party.

And goodness if Aly isn't popping up in films all over the place nowadays! She's definitely double-dipping from the "Gossip Girl" costars barrel, what with "Easy A" opening today, so hopefully she will at least have the benefit of "The Roommate" trailer opening before her other film.

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