Friday, August 13, 2010

Rihanna at AfterParty in NYC

Making for one of the biggest dates on tour, Rihanna took over the Big Apple with her "Last Girl On Earth" concert at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night.After treating the crowd to an energetic show with tour mate Ke$ha, the Barbadian beauty got changed at her hotel before venturing back out for a big afterparty held at Greenhouse.For the "Last Girl On Earth" tour, RiRi's opener Ke$ha recently chatted with MTV New about their time on the road together, telling, "It's amazing! She's just a badass. I saw her yesterday, and she spanked me — always keeping me on my toes. She's the sickest."

Ke$ha's been learning plenty from her more seasoned pal, too, as she explains, "I don't know what she would be learning from me, aside from how to look like a maniac, but I definitely learned a lot from her. I've only been performing pop music for under a year, so I'm relatively new to the arena thing. It's terrifying, so I really do, every night, watch her, and she's so graceful and so sweet and so badass."

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