Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beyonce & Jay-Z Roll Into Monaco & Cannes

The Carters rolled into Cannes, France today as they continued on their Euro yachting vacay along the coast of Italy and France. Beyonce, Jay-Z, cousin Angie, Jay's BFF Ty Ty and his kids, and a few other family friends were all spotted relaxing aboard the yacht in Monaco yesterday, and docking in Cannes today.Beyonce, looking fab in her green romper and gold sandals, and her hubby jay were spotted getting on and off their dingy as they pulled up in Cannes today. They had just gotten off their $377,000/week yacht. Yes...$377,000 a week. And since they'll likely be vacaying for about 2 weeks, their bill can rack up to over $700,000! Now THAT'S a vacay. Not a dent in their pockets at all...and we can't even be mad at that.Their yacht Altitude comes laced with a gym, jacuzzi, every watersport, jet ski, snorkel gear you can think of, plus sleeping space for 12 people, and a crew of 14 to wait on you hand and foot. Damn.

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