Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rihanna Caught Smoking Weed

Rihanna was said to be caught red-handed after puffing on some marijuana at a high class hotel in Barbados recently.

A newspaper in Barbados published the above blind item about the singer, but it has been rumored that Rihanna has also been banned from the hotel after her and her crew’s shenanigans.

The paper reports, “Security had to be constantly knocking on the door because the smoke alarm would not stop going off, and from what we understand, a very familiar cigarette odor was detected each time.”

The paper also mentions that she was there with an ex-boyfriend, who both wrecked the place. I wonder who that could’ve been…
And we’re not going to bash anyone for lighting up a spliff and enjoying themselves, but don’t trash the place, girl!
Who knew Rihanna was a pothead?

MediaTakeout.com Via Allieiswired.com

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