Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kim Kardashian: Exclusive Photoshoot with Sunday Magazine

The incredibly glamboyant and sexy Kim Kardashian’s exclusive photoshoot with the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine (20th June 2010) lift out entitled “Go Figure” photographed by Troyt Coburn and styled by the lucky Inez Garcia is finally revealed!

I have been waiting and waiting for this photoshoot to reveal itself, you will remember Kim Kardashian’s visit to Australia back in April, she not only caused controversy with the photo she twittered holding up a cat by the scruff of it’s neck, but the paparazzi and fans just went mad for her following her every move!

Kim totally owns her curvy hourglass body and rocks the body hugging photoshoot wearing Argentovivo, Reactor Rubberwear, and Chantelle. Bindi the pussycat was loaded by Annandale Animal Hospital, my favourite shot being the Leopard Print Body Wrap Slip!

Inside she shares: “I started developing at a really young age, like at 11, before my big sister and I was really uncomfortable. As I got older, my mum taught me to be proud of what I have. I’m Armenian and we’re curvy women, so yeah I pride myself on being happy with what I’ve been given.”

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