Monday, June 14, 2010

Diddy, Trina, Missy Elliott discuss Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef

Missy Elliott:
I like Nicki Minaj's music. I think she's hot! I've been a fan of Lil Kim from the beginning and always will be. Kim is a rap icon!"

"That's crazy. I really don't get it. I don't see where all this is coming from. [We're] all ladies. Can't we just make music and get our paper and keep it moving?! We all respect Kim. She opened the doors for us females. It's all good — everybody's eating, what's the issue? This makes us all look bad. There's barely any female artists as is — we don't need this!"

"I want to say I love Lil Kim man and I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way but… if she’s taking it the wrong way, it ain’t meant like that. Nicki has never did anything to her. She ain’t never not pay her homage. She ain’t swagger jack and say nothing negative about her. I think Kim needs to understand that Nicki as a whole, it’s always been respect. Nicki isn’t trying to be her. I ain't gonna make no apologies for working with Nicki Minaj. [She is] somebody that's never said anything negative about Kim and just really has always, in my eyes, has paid homage to Kim. She's a different MC. They don't even talk about the same thing. If you're like a connoisseur of MCs and you a specialist — like what Kim has talked about and what Nicki talks about — they don't talk about the same thing.

We still riding with Nicki and we still riding with Kim. We love and respect the days in history that we’ve had with Lil Kim but Kim is going to be an emcee. When emcees come back out, they talk crazy and do what they do but at the end of the day everyone respects Kim for being the Queen B… Anybody that comes after Kim, or me, or Jay or whatever, people get inspired. It’s nothing wrong with her being inspired as long as she takes that inspiration and carves out her own lane. If we do ever manage her, we’ll make sure she carves out that own lane."
Rah Digga:

"My advice to Kim is just make her music. My advice to everybody is just do you: Make your music, don't pay attention to what's going on around you, just do what you do best and let the fans blog it out."

Diamond (of Crime Mob):

"I just feel like people that have paved the way for you, you have to show them some type of homage or some type of respect, to a certain extent. That doesn't mean that you have to go around and carry [their] bags. At some certain point you just have to kinda acknowledge the people that paved the way for making things possible for you. I favor Eve more than everybody, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna shout out Kim in an interview or Foxy [Brown] — I might like something that she did — or Da Brat or Missy. Those women paved the way for us, so it would be kinda weird not to show them some type of attention or expression, just to let them know, 'Hey, I appreciate what you've done for me.' The fact that females in hip-hop are coming back is good, because a lot of the times men speak for women and men can't really cover every subject and topic that a woman would speak on. I feel like, for some reason, people feel like [there] only has to be one female. Everybody has their own lane. Just like there's different dudes for us to choose between and different genres of music it should be the same for female MCs."

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