Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Mom is at the Club -- New Blog Clowns Partygoers

by Alvin Blanco
The relative ease of creating your own Website or blog and the omnipresence of digital photography makes documenting acts of borderline lunacy that much easier in today's day and age. Case in point, a Tumblr hosted Web site called Your Mom Is At The Club.
As its name suggests, the site posts images of MIWLFs (Mother I WOULDN'T... you know the rest) swiped mostly from All manner of overexposed flesh, poor fashion choices and the plain bizarre (and Vivica Fox) get clowned with biting and snarky commentary, often via tongue in check "yo mama" jokes. Considering how many mothers with questionable parenting skills, and wardrobes, refuse to let their club-haunting days go, Your Mom is at the Club's pool of "models" is infinite. The site's first post only dates back to March 7, but let's hope it sticks around for a while -- for archival purposes.

For more hot messes like these go to the site.

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