Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tika Sumpter: Soap Siren Stars In 'Stomp The Yard' Sequel

 By Jawn Murray

She's best known as Layla Williamson on the ABC soap 'One Life to Live,' but actress Tika Sumpter is branching out into film with a starring role in anticipated sequel to 'Stomp The Yard.'

The New York native, who is currently featured alongside 'America's Next Top Model' finalist Bre Scullark in a national television campaign for the Ambi skin care line, also appeared in feature films like 'Brooklyn's Finest' and 'Saw.'~Source

BV Buzz caught up with the daytime diva on the Atlanta set of 'Stomp The Yard 2: The Homecoming' where she talked working on the film and living life in the fictitious town of Llanview, Penn on 'One Life To Live.'How'd you balance shooting this film and also taping 'One Life To Live?'

ABC has been so amazing, flexible and accommodating in a major way. I am just excited that they allowed me to do this project and they really worked with the people at Rain Forest. I am just so happy that it all worked out.

Do the producers of 'One Life To Live' like for you to branch out and do other things? Tika SumpterDo they think that's good for the overall brand of the show?

You usually have to ask for vacation. You can't just say, 'I'm leaving.' You have to see if it's okay from this time to this time in advance. Usually they are really flexible and they work with you. They don't want you to be just work, work, work, but they do have to get their shows done. They're so good with that stuff that if you want to go away, they're great with it. I have gone away so many times.

'Stomp The Yard' is set at a Historically Black College. Did you attend a Historically Black College or University?

I went to a private college for two years and it was so expensive. They hit me with a bill for $10,000 when I was 19 and I couldn't afford it and had to stop going to school. I think education is so important and one of the things I really want to finish. I was a communications major so it was important to me. When it happened, nobody in my family could help me out at the time so I just had to work my butt off. I knew I wanted to be in entertainment; I just didn't know how I was gonna get there. That was what my degree was going to be in and I hope to finish one day. I want to show my kids when I have some that education is very important.

The environment on the 'Stomp The Yard' set seems almost like a real college.

It really feels like a college campus for real because there are different sororities and fraternities and it's a young group. It's fun and everybody is just kickin' it. It does feel really college like and even going to college in Manhattan didn't feel like this. I'm sure if I went to North Carolina or Atlanta then it would feel like this.

Let's talk 'One Life To Live.' Your character's storyline has been getting good, but your character has a colorful past.

She started out as an actress, then a lingerie designer and now she's works in the police office. On the show, I dated Vincent, who is African-American and now I'm dating Christian, played by David Fumero, who is Latino.

Have you dated outside of your race in real life?

I have dated interracially. I am an equal opportunity dater. If you're a great man, you're amazing, you treat me good and we have amazing chemistry than why not? I am happily dating now.

Now on the show, you're dating Christian Vega, who was dating your sister before she went into a coma.

She hasn't woken up yet! We're starting our new love life with Christian who is her ex and past love. It's gonna be interesting. There are a lot of fans who are for it and some who are like, 'What? How are you gonna take your sister's man?' I didn't write it though. I'm just excited that I'm working and that I'm here. I'm grateful to ABC.

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