Saturday, May 29, 2010

Khloe , Kendall and Kylie Cuddling W/Baby Mason

Kourt, Kim and I were all getting ready at our mom's house for our Newport Beach Virgins, Saints & Angels Meet and Greet and we had to be up really early. Everyone was still asleep but by the time we were finishing the rest of the fam was getting up. Kendall, Kylie and I jumped in bed with Mason to watch him while Kourt was finishing getting ready -- I literally jump at any chance to cuddle with him...even if I am in full hair and makeup LOL. My hair stylist was ready to kill me because Mason wouldn't stop playing with my hair and I was just letting him. Please, like I could ever say no to that face! Kylie and Mason were still kind of asleep but we were all cuddling together. I love mornings at my mom's house!!!

Kendall is such a great photographer and she's always around snapping pics of everything so even super early in the morning she was there to capture this adorable moment! Thanks Kenny!!!!!

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