Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Brown Releases 'Deuces' Music Video

has just dropped a music video for his latest song "Deuces". In the glossy black-and-white clip directed by Colin Tilley, the 21-year-old singer appeared together with Kevin McCall and 's protege Tyga.

In the polished clip, the ex-boyfriend of shows off his flexibility by doing some flips and more. Collaborator Tyga previously told MTV about the song, saying that "it's about you getting rid of this girl. You try to make it work, but you gotta move on. So you basically put up one finger, then another and say, 'Deuces'." -Source

Check out the video after the JUMP!

The song comes from Chris Brown's first mixtape called "Fan of a Fan", which was released online earlier this week and is dedicated for his fans. In the mixtape itself, the singer according to Tyga displays his rap skills. "[In] '48 Bar Rap', that's Chris rappin'. Showing his rap skills," Tyga said. "Chris is a certified rapper. That's straight from Tyga at Young Money. Of course he's a great singer, but he does his little rap thing too."

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